Headbands and Gymnastics

I remember those first few weeks with my precious baby and her new cochlear implants… It’s hard not to. It was pure hell!! It’s hard to imagine how it might be for a 1 year old. Never having heard before and suddenly being plunged into a world of noise.. You can understand why they resist so much. To those going through this now. It doesn’t last forever, they will wear them eventually. As my little girl does now. The next hurdle is how to keep them on. Obviously Rubybands help immensely… But what do you do when you need that little bit more? What about when they’re doing tumbles and cartwheels?

Cochlear Implant Headband Gymnastics
Gymnastic Hairstyle cochlear implant headband

Our main hairstyle for gymnastics is two ponytails. These actually help to stop the Rubyband from slipping backwards. It also helps to do 2 ponytails, one ponytail can get in the way with all those tumbles! We then use 2 hairslides, going from back to front, to secure the Rubyband in place. If you want to be extra sure, you can also use some mini claw clips to hold the coil in place.


We also find the fm system really good in the noisy gymnasium.