About Rubybands

We developed the original pocket design after many months of research, and provide headbands for both cochlear implant, hearing aids, and bimodal users. Our aim is to make life that little bit easier for caregivers to deaf children with hearing devices, this is what our business is all about!
Our design features a tie and uses stretch fabric. This means that one size fits all and the headbands are easily adjustable.
For hearing aids elastic loops are used. 4 different loops are used ensuring one size fits all and the position can be changed as the child grows.
We stock a wide variety of fabric, a wide variety of colors and a wide variety of patterns.
All of our headbands are custom made to order in Ireland and we ship within 3 days, meaning you won’t have long to wait for your headband.

We can also make larger button holes to accommodate the roger 14 fm receiver for cochlear implant headbands. After the checkout process but before you submit you can add an optional note, where you can indicate larger button holes to accommodate the fm receiver.

We want your child to get the best access to sound possible while making life that little bit easier.

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Headbands for cochlear implants and hearing aids

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